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Maryville Fairy Fest Sept 10 2022

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Purple Sage Aura Photography Photos and Readings at
Maryville Fairy Fest, Event by M.A.D Maryville Arts District and Natures Tavern

“Maryville Arts District and Nature’s Tavern are teaming up to bring you an annual Fairy Festival that is sure to be exciting for all ages!
With arts & crafts, mystical & metaphysical wares, face painting, henna, aura photography, food, costume contests, divination, fairy characters and more, there’s sure to be a variety of activities for all ages!
Each year The Fair Folk of East Tennessee gather in Maryville to interact with mankind and sell their wares! Explore Merchant’s Meadowaura photo session fairy festwhere your local craftsmen and artisans offer their uniquely hand-crafted items! In Alchemist Alcove you’ll find the cure to whatever ails your body and spirit! Dare to dive in to your future and dreams in Oracle’s Oasis and above all, don’t miss out on the exciting and rare attractions in the magical Field of Fairies where there are performances and landmarks to delight any visitor! Guests can also enjoy refreshment in our Culinary Corner where you’ll find a variety of both sweet and savory cuisine!
Don’t forget to decorate your very own Fairy Cottage by visiting Maryville Arts’ District’s booth at the front of Merchant’s Meadow! Please refer to Nature’s Tavern’s booth to enter our Fairy Costume Contest or for general information on performance schedules and activities. Face painting, henna, and fairy accessories will all be found in Merchant’s Meadow!
Our goal with this event is to support local businesses and artists, so only hand-crafted products are permitted. There is no entrance fee, because we want to encourage guests to support the local vendors. This event is geared for all ages, but will be family friendly. No alcohol permitted on park property, all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.”
~event info and artwork copied form Fairy Fest event post on Facebook

The event is finished.


Sep 10 2022


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Maryville College Fairy Fest
Maryville College Fairy Fest
502 East Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville, TN
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